Honda SP 125 Bike 2024 :  नया अपडेट और नये साल पर Super Discount के साथ मचाई धूम जाने Honda SP 125 Mileage

Honda SP 125 Bike 2024

Honda SP 125 Bike 2024 : The motorcycle provides a unique riding experience, combining power, design, and safety to impact you comprehensively. Its powerful 123.94 cc engine and sleek design elevate your riding experience to a new level. The Honda SP 125, equipped with a 123.94 cc BS6-2.0 engine, generates impressive power of 10.87 PS and 10.9 Nm.

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Honda SP 125

Honda SP 125 Bike 2024 : In today’s scenario of rising petrol prices, people seek bikes that incorporate advanced technology along with all features and, most importantly, offer good mileage. In this context, let’s discuss the SP 125, which has seen increased sales due to its impressive features and high mileage.

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Honda SP 125 Bike Price

Honda SP 125 Bike Price : To own this bike, you need to make a down payment of at least 11,000 rupees. After the down payment, you’ll have to pay approximately 3,250 rupees every month for the next 3 years. Additionally, there is an interest rate of 9-10% included in this price if you choose to go for a financing plan with lower down payment and higher monthly installments for a shorter duration.

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If you opt for the disc variant, its price is approximately 90,600 rupees (ex-showroom). For the Sport Edition, the price is around 91,598 rupees (ex-showroom). The on-road price of the SP 125 bike ranges between one lakh and 1,15,850 rupees.

Honda SP 125 Bike Price : Now, let’s talk about the robust engine that is always a topic of discussion. The Honda SP 125 offers a range of outstanding features, making it a compelling choice. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have launched a special variant, the Honda SP125 Sports Edition, priced at 91,567 rupees ex-showroom. This bike comes with updated E20 and BS6 Phase 2 engines, offering two different variants.

In the market, the SP 125 has made a notable entry with its attractive and impressive look. The best part is that you can get this bike at a very reasonable price. The demand for Honda Shine SP 125 has increased significantly in the market due to its appealing look, and its price is quite affordable.

Honda SP 125 Bike Price : Whether in urban or rural areas, the demand for this bike is soaring. Not everyone can afford a new bike, so considering a second-hand bike is a viable option. If a second-hand bike is well-maintained, it can be purchased at a significantly lower cost, around 51,000-60,000 rupees. Online platforms or local bike dealerships are good places to explore and find a used bike.

Honda has revealed the sales figures for its SP 125 model, indicating a significant number of people opting to purchase the Honda SP 125. The key reasons behind the increased demand for this bike are attributed to its features and mileage.

Honda SP 125 Bike Features

Honda SP 125 Bike Features : The SP 125 boasts impressive engine specs, featuring a robust 123.90 cc engine. This engine is capable of generating a maximum power of 10.87 PS and torque of 10.8 Nm. The bike is equipped with a five-speed gearbox, adding power to its performance. The powerful specifications often lead people to reconsider buying a Bullet. Yes, this bike has been leading the sales charts, and with its new avatar, it continues to attract even more attention.

Honda SP 125 Bike Features : Honda recently introduced the SP 125 Sports Edition, featuring new graphics and visual updates. The bike comes with vibrant graphics on the fuel tank, side panels, and headlamp visor. Additionally, the alloy wheels have colorful linings. The company has reduced the size of the silencer to enhance the bike’s sporty look.

The SP 125 not only excels in performance but also captivates with its attractive design. The motorcycle seamlessly blends sleek and stylish exterior with high-performance capabilities.

Honda SP 125 Bike Features : Additionally, the bike boasts a fuel indicator and kilometer range display in its console. Honda offers the SP 125 in seven different colors, providing advanced features such as dual disc brakes, optional drum brakes, and a digital meter. For safety, the bike includes sensors like a side stand sensor, engine heat sensor, and a bike service reminder. Tubeless tires with alloy wheels are also part of the package.

Honda SP 125 Bike Mileage

Honda SP 125 Bike Mileage : According to the company, the bike offers a mileage of 71 kilometers per liter. With proper riding habits, users can expect a mileage ranging from approximately 66 to 72 kilometers per liter.

Honda SP 125 Bike Mileage : The bike comes equipped with a full digital display, featuring a speedometer to show your bike’s speed, a gear position indicator indicating the current gear, and a real-time average display showcasing your bike’s average speed. Other indicators include a service reminder, trip meter for tracking distance traveled, oil level indicator, and safety features like side stand sensor, engine heat sensor, and bike service reminder.

Honda SP 125 Bike Safety

Honda SP 125 Bike Safety : The SP 125 ensures a responsive and efficient braking system, enhancing rider safety. Designed for agile and easy handling, the SP 125 features a lightweight structure that enhances maneuverability. The bike establishes a balance between power and skill, with its fuel-efficient design.

The SP 125 features a fully digital instrument cluster, LED headlight, 100 mm wide rear tire, combined brake system, integrated pass light switch, and alloy wheels. Other features include average mileage, real-time mileage, gear position indicator, service due indicator, and an eco indicator.

Honda SP 125 Bike Warranty

Honda SP 125 Bike Warranty : In terms of hardware, the SP 125 shares similarities with the Honda Livo. It comes in five vibrant colors, with consistent pricing for all color variants. The motorcycle comes with a standard warranty of 7 years and an additional 3 years of extended warranty, available at an extra cost. With both warranties combined, customers can secure a 10-year warranty for this bike.

The total weight of the SP 125 is between 116-120 kilograms, which can be quite favorable for you. It has a fuel tank capacity of 11.4 liters, making it relatively spacious. The bike’s seat height is 792 mm, allowing even individuals of normal height to sit comfortably.

Honda SP 125 Bike Service

The ground clearance of the bike is 165 mm, indicating good clearance from the ground. The first service is recommended between 700 to 1100 kilometers. It is advisable to get the bike serviced at the company’s workshop.

The second servicing can be done between 5000 to 6500 kilometers.


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